You Cannot Pick & Choose on Issues of Equality; Appeasing Such Groups is Just As Bad

Through the work that we do in Tell MAMA, it is clear we have been blessed with many people who are committed to tackling anti-Muslim hatred. Many of these people do the work selflessly and with commitment to tackling prejudice, bigotry and hatred. We honour and value them.

On the rare occasions where there are concerns, they come about due to individuals acting beyond their capacity in an advisory role to Tell MAMA and potentially affecting the values and ethos on which we are built. This cannot be allowed to happen.

We recently highlighted an example of those who have sought to undermine the reputation of Tell MAMA by. These links can be found here and here.

A collective decision made within the structures of Tell MAMA means that we cannot work with such groups and those who try to go beyond existing structures within Tell MAMA, with a view to engaging such groups with any of the senior leadership team of Tell MAMA, cannot in our collective view, continue with us.

There are core values that we are built on within Tell MAMA which mean that those who pick and choose on issues of equality at the expense of others, are people and organisations we will not work with or engage with. There is no ‘picking and choosing’ on issues of equality. It is as simple as that.

We wish Mohammed Amin the best.

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