Shot Allegedly Fired at Young Female Muslim in the Rotherham Area. Police Find No Evidence

Vehicle Shot at in Rotherham


We received notice of an incident in the Rotherham area yesterday evening which according to the victim was said to have involved a firearm, (possibly a pellet gun), which was allegedly fired at a young Hijab wearing driver in the area and this was mentioned by relatives in the initial instance after the incident. The incident led to the rear side window of the vehicle that the 24 year old Muslim female was driving, to shatter.

South Yorkshire police have interviewed the victim and having reviewed the damage to the vehicle, have concluded that a shot was not fired and they have checked the vehicle. It seems that the victim heard a loud bang which could have been due to the damage to the rear side vehicle which was broken.

Rotherham has sadly become synonymous with the grooming scandal that affected over 1,000 young girls and we have previously written about the anti-Muslim hate incidents that have taken place in the town since late 2014. Tensions also recently rose between members of the local Muslim community and South Yorkshire police where a short-lived boycott on non-emergency police engagement took place because of strong feelings in the local British Muslim population that little was being done to tackle anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Yesterday evening a Facebook post by the aunt of the victim highlighted her frustration about people whom she regarded as being Islamophobic.  She stated:

“Wanna know how I feel?!……..angry is not the word!!!!! *#¥*#!!!

Alhamdulillah (thanks to God) my niece wasn’t killed today after two men on a motorbike shouted Islamaphobic and racist abuse at her whilst she was driving and then shot at her with a gun, thankfully she managed to speed away and narrowly avoided being hit, Alhamdulillah she is ok.”

More details have also emerged about the incident where the victim was clearly identifiable as a Muslim female since she wears the Hijab. This incident, seems to have been targeted and particularly malicious given the fact that the victim received anti-Muslim abuse as she was driving before a firearm was allegedly pulled out by the perpetrators. The victim also stated that she heard what seemed to be a loud gunshot type noise, with the rear window then shattering into pieces. However, as suggested before, after an investigation of the vehicle by the police, the rear window may well have been shattered by an item striking it other than a pellet or a live round and the victim is adamant that she saw a handgun.

We are in the process of engaging with the family concerned and given the seriousness of what seems to be an anti-Muslim hate crime. Given the fact that community tensions have risen and fallen with some intensity in Rotherham in the last 24 months, the latest incident will do nothing to reduce tensions and perceptions within local communities.


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AFD leader Frauke Petry under investigation for perjury

AfD 1


Frauke Petry, leader of the anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD), is under investigation over accusations of perjury, the public prosecutor’s office in Dresden said.

Petry, her party buoyed by the arrival of more than one million mostly Muslim migrants in Germany last year, is accused of lying under oath to the state electoral committee in Saxony at the end of 2015 over party financing.

Petry and fellow AfD member Carsten Huetter reportedly gave differing accounts of Petry’s knowledge of donations which the AfD demanded of its candidates in advance of state elections in 2014, according to André Schollbach, a Left Party politician who has filed a report against the AfD leader.

Petry denies the accusations, but has welcomed the investigation, which she hopes will show the weakness of the claims and “end media speculation”, her spokesman Markus Frohnmaier said.

The party has no lawmakers in the federal parliament in Berlin but has members in half of Germany’s 16 regional state assemblies and threatens to erode support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservatives.

AfD party deputy Alexander Gauland said the investigation should have no impact on Petry as long as no charges are brought against her.


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Nazi sentenced to seven years for murderous attack

Far Right amended


Attack on Photographer Could Have Been Far More Serious

By Gerry Gable
Dozens of Nazis, British and foreign, rampaged through the streets of Dover on 30 January, injuring many anti-fascist protesters and police officers. A key target for their barbarity was freelance photographer Kelvin Williams. Twice last year Nazis tried to attack him while he was carrying out photo assignments for Searchlight. Both times he escaped uninjured after police officers intervened.

One attack occurred at the US Embassy when Nazis from several groups picketed the Embassy demanding the release of the US Nazi terrorist Gary Yarbrough, who is serving a life sentence for his leading role in the Nazi terror group The Order. A photo of Kelvin was later posted on the Redwatch website and removed only after the attack on him in Dover.

In Dover, Peter Atkinson, a long-time Nazi and criminal from the North West, tried to attack a police officer together with another Nazi thug Roy “Junior” Price also from the North West. Soon afterwards Atkinson and two other Nazis tore into a group of journalists.

Far Right

Nazi thug Peter Atkinson, with mask, and to his right Roy “Junior Price” threatening the police

Atkinson singled out Kelvin and murderously attacked him, using a weapon to try to smash his head. Kelvin, flat on the ground, put up his arm to protect his face and head and in the sustained attack his arm was broken and his elbow beaten into a pulp of bone and tissue.

Far Right 2

Peter Atkinson launches a murderous attack on Kelvin Williams using an improvised weapon aikido-style

The police caught up with Atkinson and the Crown Prosecution Service in their wisdom charged him not with attempted murder, which it clearly was, but with the lesser charge of grievous bodily harm with intent. He eventually pleaded guilty and was today sentenced to seven years in prison.

Our readers will no doubt wonder why this planned and murderous attack warranted such a short sentence. It means this thug could be back on the streets in just over three years.


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Austrian presidential run-off including far-right on knife-edge

Freedom Party Re-ammended



Austria’s presidential election was too close to call on Sunday, meaning postal ballots were set to determine whether a eurosceptic anti-immigration candidate would become the European Union’s first far-right head of state.

A victory for Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer would be a landmark triumph for resurgent populist parties across Europe that have capitalised on Europe’s migration crisis and widespread dissatisfaction with traditional parties of power.

It would be all the more remarkable for being in a prosperous country with low unemployment, where two centrist parties have dominated since it emerged shattered from World War Two after its annexation by Nazi Germany in 1938.

“The sovereign has spoken,” Hofer’s opponent, former Greens leader Alexander van der Bellen, told broadcaster ORF. “What exactly it has said – Hofer or van der Bellen – we will know tomorrow afternoon.”

A projection by the SORA institute for broadcaster ORF, based on 100 percent of votes cast in polling stations and an estimate of the outcome of postal voting, showed a statistical dead heat on 50.0 percent each. The margin of error was 0.7 percentage point.

The provisional result from the Interior Ministry, which did not include postal ballots, showed Hofer ahead with 51.9 percent to van der Bellen’s 48.1 percent.

Postal votes will not be counted until Monday and their exact number is not known. They tend to be used by the more highly educated, a spokesman for SORA said, a group among which 72-year-old van der Bellen has greater support.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said he expected there would be about 750,000 postal ballots, roughly 12 percent of Austria’s 6.4 million eligible voters.


“I have been in politics a long time and I have never experienced an election night like this,” Hofer, 45, told ORF.

Support for groups like his eurosceptic, anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPO) has been rising in various countries, whether they have taken in many migrants in the recent influx, like Germany and Sweden, or not, like France and Britain.

Most are still far from achieving majority support, meaning Sunday’s election is a watershed regardless of who wins.

“Norbert Hofer has achieved an enormous success today,” FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache said. “People recognise there are outdated old political structures, old parties also in other European countries that operate with outdated mindsets.”

The president traditionally plays a largely ceremonial role but swears in the chancellor and can dismiss the cabinet.

“I have to work for one or two years and then everybody will see that I am OK, I am not a dangerous person,” Hofer told reporters after voting in his eastern hometown of Pinkafeld.

Austria took in 90,000 asylum seekers last year, more than 1 percent of its population, many of them shortly after it and neighbouring Germany opened their borders last autumn to a wave of migrants including refugees from Syria’s civil war.

The government has since clamped down on immigration and asylum, but that failed to slow rising support for the FPO, which was already capitalising on widespread frustration with Austria’s two traditional parties of government.

Sunday’s run-off election comes four weeks after Hofer won the first round with 35 percent of the vote. That was unexpectedly high although opinion polls regularly show his party ahead of its rivals on more than 30 percent.

Van der Bellen scored 21 percent in the first round.

Tabloid reports of immigrants availing themselves of Austria’s generous benefits and of crimes in which immigrants have been suspects have played into the FPO’s hands.

But van der Bellen and his camp expressed delight at largely clawing back their 14-point deficit against Hofer.

“It is a photo finish, a heart-stopping finale,” van der Bellen’s campaign manager Lothar Lockl told ORF. “In soccer, you would say that this game is going into extra time.”


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Why did Katie Hopkins share a white nationalist hoax?

Why did Katie Hopkins share a white nationalist hoax?Why did Katie Hopkins share a white nationalist hoax?

At 9:37pm on May 18, 2016, Katie Hopkins tweeted ‘Give me strength. Stick up a chuffing sign for English Language School’. Her bombastic tone accompanied an image which suggested that road signs in Bradford now included Urdu.

Twitter users soon exposed the hoax.

The origins of the hoax stem from a white nationalist hate site called The New Observer. Its content rallies against perceived ‘white genocide’. Editors of the site insist on labelling migrants and refugees as“illegal invaders” and “Third World colonizers.”

Nor does the content lose its traditional antisemitism. Articles are rich with Holocaust denial. And obsess over the ideas of an all powerful ‘Jewish lobby’. An article on September 6, 2015 was headlined ‘Jewish Supremacists Using “Holocaust Fable” to Promote Third World Invasion of Europe’.

The election of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor was ‘the first such formerly European city to officially fall before the nonwhite invasion of Europe.’

But to return to the Bradford story, the hoax goes beyond photoshopped roadsigns. Quotes are either invented or a product of plagiarism. It lifted quotes from a Guardian article published back in 2003. It also claimed that Bradford has its own Grand Mufti. A bizarre inaccuracy compounded by the fact that the individual died in 1974. In actuality, Muhammad Amin al-Husayni served as the Mufti of Jerusalem under the politicial authority of the British Mandate in Palestine. Nor is the text photoshopped in the image Urdu in origin.

The white nationalist Vanguard News Network (VNN) had also shared the story yesterday evening. Neo-Nazi hate site, the Daily Stormer, reposts content from The New Observer.

Twitter user @Juliet777777 was the source of Hopkins’ tweet. This pro-Pegida account often directs its 19.4k followers to hate sites like The New Observer.

As of writing, the hoax image tweeted by Katie Hopkins has received more than 300 retweets. It’s also possible that Hopkins saw the image as nothing more than an exercise in confirmation bias. Nor has she removed or apologised for the gross inaccuracy.

Why did Katie Hopkins share a white nationalist hoax?Why did Katie Hopkins share a white nationalist hoax?

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Nigerian schoolgirl rescued after two years as Boko Haram captive

Nigerian schoolgirl rescued after two years as Boko Haram captiveNigerian schoolgirl rescued after two years as Boko Haram captive

A Nigerian teenager kidnapped by Boko Haram more than two years ago has been rescued, the first of more than 200 girls seized in a raid on their school in Chibok town to return from captivity in the insurgents’ forest lair, officials said on Wednesday.

Soldiers rescued the girl near Damboa, army spokesman Sani Usman said, without giving details. A parents’ association said she had been found by a vigilante group.

Activists named her as Amina Ali Darsha Nkeki. They quoted her saying that her schoolmates were still in the Sambisa forest, Boko Haram’s biggest stronghold in the remote north.

Boko Haram captured a total of 276 girls from their school in Chibok, northeast Nigeria, in April 2014, part of a seven-year-old insurgency to set up an Islamic state in the north which has killed some 15,000 people and displaced more than 2 million.

Dozens of the girls escaped in the initial melee in 2014 but more than 200 remained unaccounted for. Parents had accused former President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s leader at the time of the mass kidnap, of not doing enough to track them down and bring them home.

Ali’s rescue should give a boost to President Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler who had made crushing the Boko Haram insurgency a central pillar of his presidential campaign in 2015.

Activists at #Bringbackourgirls, which have been campaigning for the girls’ release, confirmed her release.

“She says all of the others are still in the Sambisa forest

area. That they are heavily guarded,” the group said in a statement.

Hoses Tsambido, chairman of the Chibok Community in the capital Abuja, confirmed the discovery but did not provide details.

“Her name is Amina Ali Darsha. She was found yesterday in an area of Kulakasha at the fringes of Sambisa forest. Right now she is with the military in Damboa,” he told Reuters.

Borno state governor Kashim Shettima told reporters Ali was on her way to the state capital, Maiduguri.

Lawan Zannah, secretary of an association of parents of the missing girls, said he saw Ali sitting in a military vehicle at the area commander’s residence in Chibok but he was not allowed to question her beyond exchanging greetings in their local language, Kibaku.

Zannah said he had first heard of Ali’s rescue from Yakubu Nkeki, chairman of the parents association, who had received a call from members of a vigilante group in Chibok saying they had found one of the missing girls.

“She was carrying a baby but I do not know whether it is a boy or girl,” Zannah told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Chibok.

The insurgents, who last year pledged loyalty to Islamic State, have kidnapped hundreds of men, women and children in their campaign to carve out a mediaeval Islamist caliphate in northeast Nigeria.

Under Buhari’s command and aided by Nigeria’s neighbours, the army has recaptured most territory once lost to Boko Haram but the group still regularly stages suicide bombings.

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In numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in Britain

In numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in BritainIn numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in Britain

In September 2015, the Home Office released data on terrorism statistics, allowing us to review the use of terrorism-related powers on ethnic and religious minority communities. What we have found is that there is a significant level of racial profiling across counter-terrorism powers in Britain. All minority ethnic communities are affected by disproportionality but we see that people belonging to the category ‘Asian’ and ‘Chinese and Other’—which includes Arabs—are the most likely to be affected by terrorism powers.

In numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in Britain

Panel 1

We found that stops and searches in London under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 are more than twice as likely to be used on Black, Asian, and Chinese and Other people than White individuals.


We have calculated this using the same methodology as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) report, Stop and Think. First, we take the proportion of each ethnic group to the total number of arrests. Then we compare that proportion with the proportion of that ethnic group in the population in London (available from the Office of National Statistics). We then compare the ratio of individuals stopped and searched by ethnic group as a proportion of the total number of stops and searches with the ratio of each ethnic group as a proportion of London’s total population. Finally, the product of this comparison is measured against the ratio calculated for White individuals, providing us with a number that tells us how many times more likely a person from a given ethnicity is to be stopped and searched by the police. This operation would also tell us if a member of an ethnic minority group is less likely to be stopped than a White person, but it appears that in almost all cases, ethnic minorities are more likely to be stopped and searched.

In numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in Britain

Panel 2

Whites and Asians are convicted of terrorism at almost the same rate from 2001 to 2015. Where there are far more Asians arrested than Whites under terrorism powers despite being a much smaller proportion of the population, the conviction rate for terrorist offences are virtually the same for Asians and Whites. This suggests that they offend at the same rate and racial profiling against Asians is ineffective in countering terrorist activity.


In order to ascertain that Whites and Asians are convicted at a rate of 17 per cent, we divided the number of convictions by the number of total arrests for each ethnic group. This provides us with a conviction rate.

In numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in Britain

Panel 3

Anecdotal evidence makes abundantly clear that Asians are profiled at airports. What is surprising is that almost all ethnic minorities are at least twelve times more likely to be searched at a port or airport in the United Kingdom. Non-whites are at least 37 times as likely as a White person to be detained at a port or airport. Asians are almost 80 times as likely as a White person to be detained at an airport or port. This is a significant level of profiling that demands urgent action to ensure that British citizens and non-UK nationals visiting Britain are treated equally rather than profiled because of their ethnicity.


In order to determine the level of disproportionality in Schedule 7 stops, we took the ratio of each ethnic group as a proportion of all those that were searched or detained. We then took the ratio of each ethnic group as a proportion of all travelers in UK airports (provided by the Civil Aviation Authority in 2010, available in an EHRC report which uses the same method as we deploy here). It is possible that these numbers have changed slightly since 2010 but we were unable to obtain free data on this from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in time. Please note that the CAA provides estimates, not absolute figures on the proportion of each ethnic group as its members pass through airports. As in Panel 1, these ratios (ethnic group to search/detention, and ethnic group to the population of travelers) are compared, the product of which is then used to examine whether or not ethnic minorities are more likely than Whites to be searched or detained under Schedule 7 powers. The numbers that we found are disturbing. While there may be some margin of error based on the changing patterns of ethnicity in airports, it does provide weight to the anecdotal evidence provided by so many people who have been stopped, searched, and even detained when trying to ‘fly while brown’.

In numbers: counter-terrorism powers disproportionately affect ethnic and religious minorities in Britain

Panel 4

In our final panel, we examine the disproportionality of Channel referrals. We find that Muslims are more likely than any other group by an overwhelming proportion to be referred to the programme. Fewer than one in five of these referrals actually lead to the provision of deradicalisation services. This suggests that those responsible for making referrals to Channel are hypersensitive to Muslim differences and unable to accurately detect when a deradicalisation referral is actually appropriate.

It is worth noting that Sikhs, Jews, and Buddhists are also more likely than Christians to be referred to Channel as a proportion of the population (though these numbers are rather small and may not be statistically significant, representing anomalies rather than patterns) it is important to note that Hindus and Atheists are less likely than Christians to be referred to Channel.


This is calculated using the same method as Panel 1 and Panel 3. The ratio of Muslims and each other religious group referred to Channel as a proportion of total referrals is calculated, then compared with each religious group as a proportion of the population in England and Wales per the 2011 census. We then used Christian as a reference point to ascertain whether non-Christian groups are being disproportionately affected by Channel.

The reader should note that these numbers are provisional. The information is collected from a Freedom of Information Response and there is a significant proportion of referrals where the religion of the individual is unknown. This could reduce the disproportionality observed towards Muslim but not enough to bring it anywhere close to the other religions. Given that there are more Muslims referred to the programme than any other religion combined and ‘unknown’ or ‘not stated’ religious categories, it is certain that Muslims will remain the single highest religious category even after controlling for these problems – and as better data becomes available.

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Shock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status Quo

Shock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status QuoShock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status Quo

Shock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status QuoShock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status Quo

Anyone reading the Sun newspaper a few days ago would have thought that the end of the world had arrived since the ‘Muslim’ Head of Religion and Ethics, Aaqil Ahmed, had simply made a comment. So, what was that comment that the ‘Muslim’ Head of Religion and Ethics had made – (apologies for stressing the ‘Muslim’ element, though you see it is precisely what the Sun article casually threw into their piece on him.)

“the corporation’s (religious) output should be measured against the “religious make-up” of Britain.”

Sounds logical. Well quite, but not according to the Sun piece that decided to snipe from the sidelines as to the professionalism and judgement of Aaqil Ahmed. Not to be outdone in the, ‘we have an opinion and we will fit what we believe are facts to the story we want to spin stakes’, the Sun decided to open its frontal attack with fears of the Adhan or the Call to Prayer being commissioned by someone who was Muslim. Not exactly what Aaqil Ahmed had said, but what better way to generate some fear than to suggest to Middle England that they will be shaken out of their slumber because of those muezzins and mullahs, all blasting out some Arabic sounding calls to prayer.

This was followed by the ‘how dare he’ framing of the Commissioner as the person,

“who previously compared Mary and Joseph to illegal migrants.”

Just in case, you missed it, the (Muslim) Commissioner who simply mentioned that programming should reflect the audience, was now insulting Mary and Joseph, as though they were those pesky, dark looking and ‘foreign’ illegal migrants.

Which then led onto the Sun’s strategy of suggesting that Aaqil had a secret bias for Islam, as thought he could not set aside his judgement at work from his faith. The salvo’s on his judgement were summed up in the following statements,

“Mr Ahmed — whose appointment in 2009 was criticised by the Archbishop of Canterbury of the time Rowan Williams,”

“While working for Channel 4, Mr Ahmed upset Roman Catholic priests by commissioning documentaries that appeared to contain a pro-Islam bias.”

“One series, called Christianity: A History, was criticised by Church figures for trivialising the religion.”

Judging by the comments made by the Sun, you would think that the mild-mannered and introspective Aaqil Ahmed was a raging Islamist with undertones to attack Christianity and secretly create the conditions for a favourable treatment of Islam. Well, doesn’t that sound like promotion of anti-Muslim tropes, we think so.

Lost to the Sun

What has been lost in the Sun piece has been the variety of programmes about other faiths that have been commissioned by Mr Ahmed during his tenure, including programmes that have challenged rigid doctrinal thinking in faiths, including Islam. Hardly the image that the Sun portrays, which in reality is of a professional man who is willing to challenge issues within faith, including his own. Nor does the Sun want to consider the challenging work that he has commissioned in order to highlight how some people are treated just because they are fleeing from wars and turmoil and who are refugees.

The issue here is whether the Sun would run such a story against any other Commissioner from another faith? All of this just because Mr Ahmed suggested that programming should reflect the variety of audiences in the UK. So, next time any Commissioner makes a suggestion that is vaguely in line with this comment, we are assuming that their past will be dredged up, suggestions of bias made and their faith brought into the equation.

Shock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status QuoShock, Horror, How Dare Top Commissioning Editor Question the Status Quo

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Trump to British PM: “I’m not stupid, okay?”

Trump to British PM: “I’m not stupid, okay?”Trump to British PM: “I’m not stupid, okay?”

Prime Minister Cameron Calls Trump, ‘Stupid, Divisive and Wrong’

Presumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he hopes to be able to work with British Prime Minister David Cameron in spite of Cameron calling the Republican candidate ‘stupid, divisive and wrong’ on his stance on Muslims.

“It looks like we’re not going to have a very good relationship. Who knows! I hope to have a good relationship with him but it sounds like he’s not willing to address the problem either,” Trump said in an interview with Piers Morgan, recorded on Friday (May 13) and due to be aired in full on ITV on Monday (May 16).

Earlier this month, Cameron said he would not apologize to Trump after he became the Republican party’s presumptive presidential candidate for calling his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States stupid and wrong.

Cameron made the comment about Trump after the reality TV star and real estate developer vowed last December to ban all Muslims from entering the United States if he succeeded in his bid to become the next U.S. president.

“Well, number one I’m not stupid, Okay. I can tell you that, right now – just the opposite. Number two, in terms of divisive: I don’t think I’m a divisive person. I’m a unifier, unlike our president now, I’m a unifier,” he added.

Trump to British PM: “I’m not stupid, okay?”Trump to British PM: “I’m not stupid, okay?”

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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube face hate speech complaints in France

Facebook JPEG


Community Organisations Tackling Hate Incidents and Hate Crimes Come Together in France

Three French anti-racism associations said on Sunday they would file legal complaints against social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google’s Youtube for failing to remove “hateful” content posted on their platforms.

French law requires websites to take down racist, homophobic or anti-semitic material and tell authorities about it.

But French Jewish students union UEJF and anti-racism and anti-homophobia campaigners SOS Racisme and SOS Homophobie said the three firms had removed only a fraction of 586 examples of hateful content the anti-racism groups had counted on their platforms between the end of March and May 10.

Twitter removed only four percent, Youtube seven percent and Facebook 34 percent, according to the associations.

“In light of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook’s profits and how little taxes they pay, their refusal to invest in the fight against hate is unacceptable,” UEJF president Sacha Reingewirtz said in a statement.

Germany got Facebook, Google and Twitter to agree in December to delete hate speech from their websites within 24 hours.


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