Nazi sentenced to seven years for murderous attack

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Attack on Photographer Could Have Been Far More Serious

By Gerry Gable
Dozens of Nazis, British and foreign, rampaged through the streets of Dover on 30 January, injuring many anti-fascist protesters and police officers. A key target for their barbarity was freelance photographer Kelvin Williams. Twice last year Nazis tried to attack him while he was carrying out photo assignments for Searchlight. Both times he escaped uninjured after police officers intervened.

One attack occurred at the US Embassy when Nazis from several groups picketed the Embassy demanding the release of the US Nazi terrorist Gary Yarbrough, who is serving a life sentence for his leading role in the Nazi terror group The Order. A photo of Kelvin was later posted on the Redwatch website and removed only after the attack on him in Dover.

In Dover, Peter Atkinson, a long-time Nazi and criminal from the North West, tried to attack a police officer together with another Nazi thug Roy “Junior” Price also from the North West. Soon afterwards Atkinson and two other Nazis tore into a group of journalists.

Far Right

Nazi thug Peter Atkinson, with mask, and to his right Roy “Junior Price” threatening the police

Atkinson singled out Kelvin and murderously attacked him, using a weapon to try to smash his head. Kelvin, flat on the ground, put up his arm to protect his face and head and in the sustained attack his arm was broken and his elbow beaten into a pulp of bone and tissue.

Far Right 2

Peter Atkinson launches a murderous attack on Kelvin Williams using an improvised weapon aikido-style

The police caught up with Atkinson and the Crown Prosecution Service in their wisdom charged him not with attempted murder, which it clearly was, but with the lesser charge of grievous bodily harm with intent. He eventually pleaded guilty and was today sentenced to seven years in prison.

Our readers will no doubt wonder why this planned and murderous attack warranted such a short sentence. It means this thug could be back on the streets in just over three years.


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