Last Thursday, I highlighted the case of Timothy Martin Burton who targeted me for over 10 months because of my perceived faith. Here are full details of the targeting that took place, by Burton.However, here is some background that has come to light on Timothy Martin Burton aka @catstrangler1012013 article about HuT:

“First of all, I would like to reiterate that there is NO SUCH THING as Islamo-phobia. Islam, as a totalitarian political ideology, seeks to overthrow and destroy all Western Governments and societies based on Judaeo-Christian principles, which arguably represent the best framework to date for the advancement of humanity, not only for our generation, but for subsequent generations, and that framework is undeniably superior – on EVERY measurable scale – to anything that Islam has to offer. The religious aspects of Islam are of no interest to non-Muslims, but to be concerned about the effects of the political ideology of Islam on our civilisation is not Islamo-phobia, it is Islamo-REALISM.”

2013 article:In defence of the English Defence League:

“Despite all this, the EDL continues to represent the views of many common people like myself who believe that the unrestricted, uncontrolled presence of a large Muslim population in ANY Western country poses a significant danger to national security. An unbiased look at their website is sufficient, in my view, to demonstrate that the EDL is in no way a “hate group” and is in no way racist or bigoted in the point of view they seek to get across to reasonable people. There is a HUGE problem, not with individual Muslims who, as I have often said, are generally charming and courteous, but with the political ideology of Islam, which seeks to subjugate us all under the barbaric rules of Sharia Law, which necessarily includes the suppression of freedom of speech, (as demonstrated by the support of the 25000 Muslims who turned out in Birmingham in late April) and which hides behind the cloak of religion to promote its totalitarian agenda of world domination.”

“My last thoughts on this subject include a way in which the EDL could perhaps make itself more effective. In the US recently, the American Freedom Defence Initiative (AFDI, in conjunction with SION – Stop the Islamisation of Nations) produced an 18-point platform for a sane, sensible set of policies which freedom-loving groups in every Western country would do well to consider for adoption as follows:

E.g, Surveillance of mosques and regular inspections of mosques in the U.S. and other non-Muslim nations to look for pro-violence materials. Any mosque advocating jihad or any aspects of Sharia that conflict with Constitutional freedoms and protections should be closed.”

Klout profile of @catstrangler101 (includes some abusive tweets)

2012 tweet about Islam being a murderous ideology

Burton wrotea long response to Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL:

“Not to mention, of course, that the EDL are labelled as “far right extremists” when in fact they represent the centre ground of concerned indigenous British citizens of all cultures. By the way, for those of you on the left who are so fond of portraying the EDL as racists – this is nothing whatsoever to do with race or with the colour of one’s skin – it is a natural response by freedom-loving patriots which has been forced on us through the negligent actions of, or by the complicity of our political elites, against the totalitarian, supremacist political ideology of Islam which threatens the entire world today – an ideology which is every bit as nasty, pervasive and evil today as Nazism was when it threatened the entire world seventy years ago.”

Burton is part of a counter-Jihad blog titled ‘Freedom Loving Infidel’ also has a co.uk link.

Burton has posted pieces on Eurabia, Geert Wilders and ‘Islamisation by birth rate’ – or reposting content from Jihad Watch (2008). It cites among must read links: Jihad Watch, Bare Naked Islam, Dhimmi Watch, Archbishop Cramer, Pat Condell, Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Daniel Pipes.

An unconfirmed YouTube account (with the same name) posted this racist comment:

“I’ve got nothing against niggers, I think every home should have one.”

Other comments on the YouTube account discuss Islam.

This link suggests Burton had posted various comments on stories on sites like Jihad Watch.

Linked to EDL Radio

Example of WordPress coments

Posted the EDL logo to his Facebook in 2013

Burton is also a member of the Canada Defence League Facebook page

Example of Jihad Watch comment (2010):

“So what will it take for the US to recognise that we have a maliciously-motivated fifth column living amongst us? Another 9/11, multiplied by hundreds or thousands thanks to the wonders of nuclear bomb-making technology disseminated to Muslim countries?
My two cents:

Stop Muslim immigration and prevent any further mosque building.

Citizenship to be dependent on NOT being a Muslim.

Disbar any Muslim now here from serving in public office in any capacity – especially any political / armed forces / police capacity.

Commence a program of Muslim repatriation and mosque sequestration / demolition.

It would be cheaper in terms of blood and treasure compared to what is coming down the pike.

Catstrangler 101. Not a cat. Not a strangler. Not 101.”

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