The Trojan Horse Affair & Subsequent Investigations

Much has been written about the recent OFSTED investigations into the ‘Trojan Horse’ incidents in Birmingham schools and I am not going to repeat the whole chain of events that have been widely reported on. What I want to comment on was the fact that statements on this wholly bizarre and depressing set of events have been doing the rounds which do not add to anything of interest. In fact they have simply blurred what may be the truth.

Whether or not there was a strategic plan to promote what the papers have got ‘the Islamicization’ of schools will not be known until the investigation by OFSTED is completed. Furthermore, any report must be made public so that the public can read and reflect on the findings. If the findings show that changes need to be made to ensure quality education based on equal rights and equal access to education, then they should be implemented and fast. No young child should be made to feel a second class citizen in any educational establishment and one of the basic human rights that all young people deserve is access to education based and equal treatment within those educational establishments.

What is also of concern is the impact on cohesion in the City. I hope that the issues are resolved sooner rather than later since the longer this issues drags out, the greater the cracks and fissures may open up regarding cohesion in the City. Thankfully, we are a long way off any major incidents and this is testament to the enormous work done in this area in the Birmingham over the last decade. One last thought on the matter. Who is Achilles in this Trojan Horse affair – the Education Secretary, Michael Gove?

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