Remembering The Past For The Future

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, services right across the country took place to commemorate the fallen in the Great Wars and within others. It was a sombre occasion for many that brought home the horrors of war and the chance to reflect upon those not here since they truly had ‘given their today’s for our tomorrows.’

In a world where conflict is caused by the lack of access to limited resources, there will I am afraid, be more wars that spark up across the globe. As populations rise, resources dwindle and arms are more readily available, the chances of war and armed conflict rise and we should all be aware that many more young people will carry arms and die in the heat of battle. I for one want to see diplomacy used more often than not and post Iraq, the information to go to war must have Parliamentary scrutiny and a vote within the House. Oversight and scrutiny committees need to do their jobs and not rubber stamp calls for war and I am afraid that the juggernaut for war under Blair mean that key questions by were not asked by scrutiny committees overseeing the intelligence evidence presented to them.

For those countries who choose the bullet rather than the soft pressures of diplomacy, we should make it clear that they will be harming their future and the future of their country. War and the terrible ravages of it need to be consigned to the past, yet the awful truth is that arms sales and the atrocities of war will continue. Yesterday was a chance to remember the courageous and the bold who should not be forgotten. Let us remember today those who were lost so many years ago. They may have gone, but they are not forgotten.

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