Recriminations in Libya are Starting

So here we go! The recriminations post a Qadaffi era are starting with news flashes showing the decomposing bodies of Qadaffi supporters who have been summarily executed. Everyone it seems, has a pistol or an AK47 in Tripoli and everyone has a grievance, many legitimately, since the brutal dictator affected the lives of all Libyans.

The ‘rats’ that Qadaffi railed against are now hunting the biggest rat of all, the new medallion man post Idi Amin, except that this dictator does not think of himself as the ‘Last King of Scotland.’ Qaddafi thinks of himself as the last ‘King of a pan-African’ kingdom. I think that all of us would laugh if this was not so serious. In fact the only ‘king’ he is, is the kingpin of all that went wrong with Libya.

The man who asked his chum Berlusconi to round up the beautiful women of Rome so that he could lecture them in morality, has ended up butchering all of his country people. I think that he should have stuck to the lecture circuit in Rome and at least exchanged plastic surgery notes with his pal, Silvio ‘I’m not guilty’ Berlusconi. That at least would have saved lives and stopped the destruction of a state which has been brought to its knees because of the arrogance of one man.

So another Arab country deposes its dictator and many of us hope that Qadaffi and his sons get the justice they deserve from Libyans. If anything, let that be a lesson to those in our country that work with and deal with dictators by justifying their actions since they cannot see the killings and murders that are counducted in far away lands. Just because we cannot see the actions of modern day Qadaffis, does not mean that we absolve ourselves of a moral responsibility just for the sake of a fistful of blood money. That is the standard that we should all live by, but I am afraid that many are very far from that position when there is easy money to be made. Some corporates simply see Libya as a business opportunity and watch the bun-fight start in earnest. The dead are hardly in their graves, lest the businesspeople fight over the spoils of Libya. Shame on them!

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