Labour’s Moral Compass Has Gone!

Tomorrow, millions of us go to the polls to deliver a verdict either for change or for more of the same. Yet many will try to reflect on the benefits that they have had over the last 13 years through this Labour Government; some will know that there will be tough times ahead; some will know that Labour is on the verge of being in the political wilderness and some will know that a seismic change in politics may have already taken place.

Labour cannot be blamed for all of the problems of the last 13 years. There have been some successes and Sure Start, the national minimum wage and the stabilisation of the economy during the banking disaster were all positive moves, even though it cost each one of us and endebted us for decades to come. It has to be acknowledged that the financial support to banks had to be made to provide stability.

However, Labour lost it credibility and its moral compass sometime around 2002 when Tony Blair shamelessly went along with a certain Messr Bush’s plan for regime change and both effectively sold us a dud. For those of us who campaigned against Iraq and who knew that a decade of sanctions (by the US and UK) had destroyed so many civilians lives, it was the final straw and a realisation that the hollow phrase of ‘social justice’ so paraded by Labour Ministers and members, had a distinctly hollow ring to it. So much for social justice when the premise of the war was based on a lie and when the case for war was based on smoke and mirrors. Whilst Blair went onto become the Quartet’s ‘peace envoy’ in Jerusalem and to top up his tan in the American Colony in Jerusalem, our young men and women were put in harms way whilst Iraqi’s lost their lives in the tens of thousands.

Labour’s moral compass will not be regained until there is a realisation that there needs to be some form of ‘truth and reconciliation’ around what it’s actions led to. Supine Labour MP’s lined up to support the war with their respective Tory cheerleaders in Parliament. So bent is that compass now that Labour deserves to be out of office, yet the alternative leaves a lot to be desired. The only real hope for truth and justice is to support a politician who at the very least is open and honest even when the answers may not sit well with the public. His name is Nick Clegg and his vision is not corroded unlike the Labour Party which played with and squandered the lives of people in far flung places like Iraq. Shame on them and shame on those who supported the absolute destruction of Iraq whilst purpoting to save it.

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