The defection, two days ago, of senior Cabinet member Cllr Brian Haley to the Liberal Democrats spells disaster for the future of Labour in Haringey. And Rightly so! Labour has been in power for nearly 40 years but has failed to address problems with deprivation, poverty and failing services. Residents in Haringey now have to put up with officially the worst Council in London (after the recent Audit Commission report).The defection of such a senior Labour councillor like Cllr Haley (with others in the Labour Group also looking to move) means that the end is finally near for Labour in Haringey. Yet, true to form, Labour’s spin machine spews out untruths and attempts deflection tactics by suggesting that about 18 months ago, I applied to join Labour. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE.

I thought that I would list some of the reasons why I never have and never will apply to be a Labour candidate.

(1) The war in Iraq. (This illegal and immoral war) which has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people, was started by a Labour Government that deceived the public and applied pressure on civil servants to amend information to suit the case for war. Senior Labour politicians simply followed the line by Blair to make the case for war whilst the agenda was always access to Iraq’s resources, regime change and a subservience to Bush, with a bit of legacy protection thrown in for Blair’s ego.

(2) The erosion of civil liberties through the proposal of ID cards, increased surveillance powers and section 44 stops, which disproportionately impact on Black and Minority people and which does very little to actually catch terrorists. This cannot be and is not healthy for those who are marginalised and on the fringes of our society.

(3) The growing stark differences between the rich and poor in our society today with a growing underclass who have less social, economic and health opportunities. Yet, Labour and its local supporters continue to promote the disgraceful line that the Party stands for social justice.

(4) The sheer bureaucracy in administration and extra taxes that have been introduced under this Government. The stealth taxes are crippling in many instances and allied with the financial crisis which was caused, (in part), by the lack of scrutiny of lenders like banks has meant that families right across the country are suffering. This was under Labour’s watch.The list goes on. Yet, in the dying throes of groups like Haringey Labour, they attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of local residents. Residents who, I am sure, will vote out this failed dinosaur, called Haringey Labour.

The time for change in Haringey has come. The time for a Liberal Democrat future is here.

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