Manchester Bombing Inquiry Shows Multiple Factors in the Radicalisation of Abedi

The Manchester Bombing Inquiry by Sir John Sawyers presented its third report today that highlighted the influences on Salman Abedi and how a confluence of familial, social and political factors came together to produce a radicalised and dangerous individual. Twenty two people were murdered in the bombing and hundreds injured with many unable to forget the horrors that they saw when families and children suffered the catastrophic brunt of the terrorist attack.

Sir John Sawyers said,

“Based on everything the Security Service knew or should have known, I am satisfied that such an investigative action (on Abedi’s activities), would have been a proportionate and justified step to take. This should have happened.

“Although I accept that Salman Abedi demonstrated some security consciousness and that this might have affected the efficacy of the investigative action that I have identified, there was the real possibility that it would have produced actionable intelligence.”

Sir John Sawyers went onto say:

“The Abedi family holds significant responsibility for the radicalisation of Salman Abedi and Hashem Abedi.

“That includes their father Ramadan Abedi, mother Samia Tabbal and elder brother Ismail Abedi, each of whom has held extremist views.”

He also highlighted Abedi’s lack of involvement in the British education system, the lack of good parenting, the Libya war and friends and family members that were a toxic influence on Abedi. This confluence of factors led to Salman Abedi turning his back on his country and ultimately his people, the British people.

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