Migrants Can Contribute and Add Positively to our Country

These posters on the Tube give me hope that the compassion which has saved the lives of so many asylum seekers, continues within the British public. Yet, this poster celebrates migrants, those who have come to work and pay taxes in our country and to contribute to our society. These are just some of the examples that the ‘No Xenophobia’ campaign has highlighted and I warmly welcome this campaign to inform.

The example below shows how people flourish, mature and grow if given the chance. It shows that people can make a difference and the human spirit is unique in how it strives to achieve. This is why we must celebrate those who want to make a difference and who want to add to our country.

As someone who is the child of asylum seekers, (courtesy of the brutal dictator Idi Amin), it has been the compassion and care of many in this country that has always shaped my thinking, even though some agitated at the time rallied by Enoch Powell’s fiery anti-asylum speeches.

Long may we value the human spirit and the desire to do good  and to build. This is what we should celebrate and this is what makes Britain Great.

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