Fernando Sulichin

Fernando Sulichin is an acclaimed film producer and philanthropist. Over the course of his career he has collaborated with Oliver Stone, Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, and Gabriel García Marquez.

His first production was screened at the Paris film festival Short Circuit. Shortly afterwards Sulichin collaborated with Spike Lee, the acclaimed African American director, as the associate producer of Malcolm X.

Sulichin went on to produce a number of acclaimed independent films including: Bully (2001) directed by Larry Clark; Sundance Prize Winner Love Liza (2003) directed by Todd Louiso; and Spun (2003) directed by Jona Akerlund.

Sulichin served as executive producer on several of Oliver Stone’s films including Alexander (2004), the Savages (2012), and the much anticipated September 2016 political thriller Snowden. His production credits for 2016 also include Jim Jarmusch’s documentary on Iggy and the Stooges, Gimme Danger, which premiered in Cannes.

He has also worked with Stone on numerous documentaries including: Persona non Grata (2003) about the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East; Comandante (2003); Looking for Fidel (2004); South of the Border (2009); the 2013 series The Untold History of the United States (2013); and My Friend Hugo (2014).

In 2004 Fernando Sulichin founded Paris-based Central Films which produced: Mary by Abel Ferrara, staring Juliette Binoche and winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival; Babel by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu; and I Come With The Rain by Tran Ang Hung.

In the United States Sulichin worked with Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation, an organisation that works to preserve films for future generations.

Throughout his career, Sulichin has been committed to philanthropic endeavors. In 2015, before the COP21 meeting in Paris, Sulichin worked with the French government and environmental leaders to engage the media and build public awareness about greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. A historic climate agreement was reached in December at the COP21 meeting in Paris. The same year Sulichin received the National Order of the Legion of Honour of France from the government, the most prestigious award in France.

An early supporter of Sean Penn’s JP/HRO, in 2016 Sulichin joined Sean Penn, former president of Facebook Sean Parker and the government of France to launch a critical reforestation project.

Sulichin has also worked with The David Lynch Foundation, an institution dedicated to the promotion of conscience and world peace. He is a lifetime member of the Nelson Mandela Children´s Fund, a humanitarian organisation dedicated to the promotion of education in South Africa.

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