Anti-Muslim Hatred Does Exist – We Are the Evidence

‘Islamophobia’ has once again become part of the social debate and with comments that it does not exist

Within Tell MAMA, we have repeatedly cited the fact that we are not concerned about criticism of religion or faith. Islam, like any faith, can be criticised and vehemently disliked and this does not mean that those who carry these feelings and views will be inherently anti-Muslim in nature. It is the latter that interests us, though we also have to caveat the former statement by saying that some people who hold such views, may be anti-Muslim in their outlook and actions.

Tell MAMA does not use the term ‘Islamophobia’ and we look at the impacts on people, property, institutions and the mental, psychological and physical health of people. Therefore anti-Muslim hate is what we measure and reduce and ensure support for the victims of such hatred. Which brings us onto the following – anyone suggesting that anti-Muslim hatred does not exist is playing fast and loose with the facts. The facts are clearly listed in the series of reports that we have put together on the back of hard data and evidence from victims which can be found here, here and here. These are just a few examples of the numerous reports that we have put out. Collectively, we have documented over 6 years of material in this area of work.

We also note that our Founder was cited around his comments on anti-Semitism within some sections of Muslim communities. His comments reflect a need to challenge all forms of hatred wherever they are found. His work in setting up Tell MAMA, have led to his harassment and targeting for years, simply for pushing back against anti-Muslim hatred. We also note how a handful of individuals and organisations use the politics of division by citing the reference and by-passing the years of work done by Fiyaz Mughal in challenging anti-Muslim hatred head on and in ensuring that we can monitor and measure it, whilst supporting victims at point of need. 

The last thing victims of anti-Muslim hatred need are the politics of division, despair and cynicism. They need our support and our collective care.

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