Visit to the GP Ends in Anti-Muslim Bigotry

HIjabi Female


We received the following case from a member of the public today.

The young female who wears a Hijab went for her blood test results and her GP went through the results and responded that the patient’s Vitamin D blood test results had come back normal. All well and good apart from the fact that the GP overstepped boundaries by saying,

“You’re an intelligent person, do you choose to wear that?”

The reference was to the Hijab of the patient to which the patient replied, “yes of course.”

The GP carried on with her bizarre comments by stating:

“In your country there’s a lot of sun, but here you need to get out more because there’s not enough sunshine.”

Shocked by this second barb at the identity of the patient, the young Muslim female stated,

“This is my country and I am British.”

The response from the GP just made matters worse when she stated,

“I mean your country back home.”

No doubt the patient has lodged a formal complaint on what should have been a regular feedback session on some blood results.


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