The Utter Betrayal of Residents of Aleppo as Syria Burns


We went to war in Iraq on a false premise, led by a man who had already hitched his mast to the warship of George Bush. So many lies, half-truths and media spun stories meant that public confidence has never been the same in international interventionism since Iraq.

So when the chance to act against Bashar Al Assad came in late 2013, Parliament voted against any action, dazed partly by the looming shadow of Iraq.

Fast forward to today and the incoherent and disastrous policies Western nations have taken in Syria, namely of inaction and hand wringing, and we have a civilian population who are bearing the murderous brunt of Assad and his regime. Their hands are not only steeped in blood, they are steeped in the entrails of Syria as a nation which lies like a deceased carcass on the floor. Syria as a nation, no longer lives.

Today, social media postings highlighted the absolute carnage and human rights abuses that are taking place by Assad forces, egged on and supported by another dictator sitting in the Kremlin, who has managed to run rings around the West. These are the painful pictures that show a humanitarian disaster unfolding as we wring our hands and as the opposition in our country has single handedly failed to stand up for military intervention in Syria. So weak is the political opposition that they cannot coherently put together a strategy, but then again, let us not forget who voted to hold the hands of our nation and military at a time when a difference could possibly have been made. It was that same political opposition that cowered in the Commons lobbies and who spoke about the spectre of Iraq when many of those same MPs had supported war in Iraq in 2003.

So as we read these social media statements, ask not what we have done for the people of Syria, but what we have done to the people of Syria through our inaction and moral ambivalence when so many die as we speak.

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