Tell MAMA and GMB launch an Anti-discrimination Self-Help Guide For the Workplace

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We are proud to launch this document with the GMB branch of Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

The booklet, entitled, the ‘Anti-Discrimination tool-kit’ is a guide for the workplace and is a self-empowerment tool-kit for people who suffer discrimination at work. This may take the form of verbal abuse, holding individuals and communities to account for actions taken by co-religionists and when attempts are made to remove or reduce personal religious obligations that some may undertake by wearing religious symbols that identify their faith.

We know through the work of Tell MAMA, that about 1 in 10 cases that are reported into Tell MAMA, involve work based discrimination and when there are terrorist attacks, we have substantive evidence that discussions at work and behaviour by colleagues may dehumanise, marginalise and discriminate against others at work. This tool-kit document therefore seeks to self-empower people who suffer such incidents and issues at work.

We are proud to work with a branch of the GMB union and we value the role of unions in empowering and informing employees and staff about their rights. We hope that this booklet assists individuals in knowing their rights at work and the legislative protections that are in place around discrimination at work. Tell MAMA will continue to support individuals who have suffered discrimination and anti-Muslim hatred in the workplace.


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