Supporters of Tanveer Ahmed share photos of killer ‘from prison’


A Faith Matters investigation has uncovered social media accounts sharing ‘new’ photos of Tanveer Ahmed allegedly taken inside Barlinnie Prison.

Tanveer Ahmed is serving a life sentence for stabbing Ahmadi shopkeeper Asad Shah in Glasgow in March. He claimed that Shah had ‘disrespected’ Islam due to his claim of prophethood.

The recent photos of Ahmed appeared on both Facebook and Instagram in October. It emerged last month that audio clips apparently from Ahmed’s prison phone calls were posted online. In total, five separate audio clips have appeared on social media sites since May.

On October 10, a ‘new’ photo of Ahmed emerged. The individual who uploaded the photo captioned it in Urdu: “Mr Ghazi Tanveer al-Hussaini in the jail. May Allah always keep him happy.”
tanveerahmedprisonoct10A second photo allegedly taken inside prison shows Tanveer Ahmed stood next to an unknown individual on October 23. The caption reads: “After the killing of fake claimant of prophet-hood,  he is sitting in jail like a lion. Latest photo of Ghazi Tanveer Ahmed in the jail”.

tanveerahmedprisonoct23Ghazi is an Arabic term used to honour Muslim warriors who were victorious in battle against  the opponents of Islam. The page ‘Ghazi Tanveer Ahmed  Qadiri’ gained 7,000  ‘likes’ before Facebook removed it.

Our latest report warns of a growing personality cult around Tanveer Ahmed. His supporters glorify him as an ‘authentic’ defender of the Islamic faith. They also view him as continuing the work of Mumtaz Qadri – who murdered Pakistani politician Salman Taseer in 2011. Qadri was then hung for his crimes earlier this year.

Faith Matters has previously written to HMP Barlinnie and Police Scotland urging an immediate investigation.

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