Stabbing of Asian Man in Rotherham Reported into Tell MAMA

Tell MAMA was contacted by one of three young men of Pakistani heritage, who described a stabbing incident by four white males, aged in their early twenties. The individual who was in the vehicle in which the driver was stabbed, spoke of going with his friends to get something from a local shop in Rotherham Town Centre. As the vehicle drove into the town centre and as they were looking to park, another vehicle blocked their path and three males exited the vehicle. 

The white males shouted racially abusive terms to the Asian young men who were in their late teens and early twenties. As they drew near the vehicle with the Asian young men within it, the driver attempted to get out and was stabbed in the process of exiting the vehicle. According to one of the young men in the vehicle which was attacked, he has been hospitalised.

During the attack, the white males also threw alcohol into the vehicle with the Asian youths and attempted to try and light some liquid that they had poured into the car. They also attempted to assault the other two Asian males in the vehicle after the stabbing of the driver.

Sunday sees the 25th anniversary of the murder of the Black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, at a bus stop in Eltham, South London. Much has changed in this country, since that brutal murder, a quarter of a century ago. Yet, the scourge of racially driven attacks is still a menace that we must counter and challenge within society.

Speaking to Tell MAMA on the attack, one of the youths in the vehicle which was attacked stated:

“This could have happened to anyone and it was a random attack. It could have happened to a family with kids and thankfully it did not. Sadly, we were confronted with this. I am just thankful that a family was not involved in this brutal attack”.

If you have any information on this attack, please do not hesitate to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101. You can also contact us on Tell MAMA and we will ensure that the relevant force contact gets in touch.

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