Specifications for Tender for Third Party External Validation Agency for the Tell MAMA Project



Tell MAMA maintains a confidential service for victims of anti-Muslim hatred, though any member of the public can report a hate incident or hate crime to the national project.

Tell MAMA is now into its 5th year of operations and has grown significantly with thousands of users who report in on an annual basis.

We are launching a tender process for an organisation or academic institution for the following activities to be undertaken for the national project and to ensure an external validation process.

The successful applicant will not receive client or victim data, and will received anonymised details of cases to ensure that the cases have been logged accurately as being anti-Muslim in nature and that cases reflect assessments made by Tell MAMA in their annual report for 2016 which will be released in 2017. The successful applicant should also provide further input and ideas around the data that should be included in the Tell MAMA annual report.

In summary, we are looking for the following activities to be conducted in early 2017 as part of this tender process:

  1. Create and implement the assessment of all anonymised cases that have been received in 2016 and assess whether the draft Tell MAMA 2016 report reflects the anonymised cases and data. This will also involve the production of an internal report that will be provided to Tell MAMA as part of the advisory functions required.
  2. Provide advice and guidance to Tell MAMA staff about further lines of commentary, trends or analysis that may be included in the annual report.
  3. Highlight key headline issues that come up from the anonymised data and potential further lines of enquiry that can be undertaken from the anonymised cases.
  4. Maintain an impartial approach in the assessment process and work towards ensuring the integrity around work focussing on anti-Muslim hatred, sometimes called Islamophobia.
  5. Ensure that where required, scrutiny of the anonymised data is undertaken.
  6. Look at additional ways that further data can be developed when supporting victims of anti-Muslim hatred.

As stated this work is to be undertaken in and completed in early 2017 and with further guidance being provided to the successful applicant. All tender documents will be scored on the following areas:

(i) The development of an assessment framework that will ensure that the categorisation and assessments made on the cases are anti-Muslim in nature.
(ii) What types of areas will be included within the internal report produced for Tell MAMA on ensuring whether the data is accurately represented in the Tell MAMA 2016 annual report?
(iii) Methods of ensuring that further data can be developed from support for victims and which will be used for service evaluation purposes and within the annual report, (on an anonymised basis).
(iv) Cost of the proposal with specific timescales.
(v) Previous experience in conducting such an exercise.
(vi) Specialist areas of research into hate incidents and hate crimes developed by the individual, civil society organisation or academic institution.

The deadline for this tender is 5pm on Friday the 23rd of December 2016.

Tender documents should be sent to the Director of Tell MAMA, on info@tellmamauk.org and marked for Ms Atta.

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