‘Nobody batted an eyelid’ as racist shouted ‘P*ki’ at two Muslim women

A Muslim woman spoke of her shock as members of the public did not intervene after a man shouted the racist slur ‘P*ki’ at her and a friend in the Huddersfield area on July 30.

Speaking to Tell MAMA, the woman, who wears the hijab, said the lack of intervention “was the most shocking thing about the incident.”

They reported the incident to raise awareness and agreed to have their story told anonymously, having described the perpetrator as being a white male in his early forties.

Tell MAMA continues to educate members of the public about the importance of meaningful solidarity and safely intervening when racist, anti-Muslim, and Islamophobic hate crimes or harassment occur.

This includes calling the police on behalf of individuals to speaking with victims when the perpetrator(s) leave and offering reassurance, to challenging the perpetrator(s) when safe to do so.

The racialised, gendered nature of anti-Muslim prejudice, discrimination, and Islamophobia and how it overlaps with misogyny and the disproportionate targeting of Muslim women, are a consistent theme in Tell MAMA annual and interim reports.

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