Neo-Nazis distribute ‘P*ki rape gangs’ poster in Cardiff

Neo-Nazis from the System Resistance Network, a small and relatively new group, have targeted buildings in a diverse area of Cardiff, Wales.

Greg Pycroft tweeted photos of the vandalism, adding that it was a “sad, sorry sight”.

One incendiary poster targets Muslims by linking them to ‘rape gangs’ and uses the racial epithet ‘P*ki’.

In a statement to the BBC, Cardiff Council confirmed that it was working with South Wales Police to remove the offending graffiti and posters.

Alex Cutler tweeted that a System Resistance Network poster appeared on a window for an African restaurant.

The group has targeted parts of Cardiff before.

The System Resistance Network has targeted LGBT+, Jewish, and refugees with menacing posters in Southampton, Dundee, and Cambridge in August and December 2017.

It takes inspiration from National Action in its propaganda style, use of graffiti, and in its use of encrypted email services to recruit. It had operated under the previous name Vanguard Britannia which took inspiration from the American neo-Nazi group Vanguard America.

Tell MAMA and Faith Matters have been monitoring their activities since its re-branding.

We are concerned that the group may seek to re-brand itself once again to circumvent any legal or governmental response. Its account on the social-network website Gab have been deleted. The group’s account on Bitchute, a peer-to-peer content sharing platform, have also been removed, as the group’s main website is under redevelopment.

As with other neo-Nazi groups, the System Resistance Network has done propaganda outreach through by giving food to homeless people in an undisclosed location, in a propaganda video published in December 2017, which juxtaposed this outreach work with audio from a speech by Adolf Hitler.



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