Neo-Nazi jailed for extreme racist, anti-LGBT, and pro-terror group online posts

A Midlands-based neo-Nazi who pleaded guilty to posting racist, homophobic content online and praised a banned neo-Nazi terror group received a prison sentence totalling almost four years.

Richard Osborne, 53, from the Marton Green area of Solihull, pleaded guilty to various offences last month.

He received a prison sentence of 3 years and ten months for posting racist and homophobic materials on the Russian social media platform VK at least 120 times.

Our investigation detailed the depths of the anti-Jewish racism – from Holocaust denial to racist caricatures from US-based white supremacists – those same caricatures included dehumanising, anti-Black racist tropes.

As detailed last month, Osborne posted disturbing material “calling for the violent removal of Muslim, Jewish, and Black communities from the UK and Europe, our investigation unearthed. Other disturbing posts linked Muslims to bestiality”.

In September 2021, he praised and shared propaganda from the banned neo-Nazi terror group National Action.

Officers from the West Midlands Police counter-terror unit recovered a baton fashioned from a metal bar in his car and a shotgun from under their bed, resulting in additional charges.

Detective Superintendent Anastasia Miller, from CTP West Midlands CTU, said: “By pleading guilty, Osborne admitted he held extreme far right views and through our investigation we were able to provide clear evidence he supported white supremacists as well as a proscribed far right group banned by the Government.

“Someone who holds extreme views against those that don’t look like him or hold the same views is not welcome in our society. Today’s sentence should be a clear message to those who intend to spread hate and terror, we will continue to work with partners and the CPS to protect our communities by pursuing and prosecuting such individuals.

“We work tirelessly to counter terrorism. Our absolute priority is to ensure the safety and security of the people who live, work and visit the West Midlands area.”





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