Muslim woman in niqab denied entry onto bus with her child in London

A Muslim woman, who wears the niqab, was told by a bus driver in London, ‘I don’t want to talk to you, with that thing on your face’, after asking the driver if her child could board the bus with her despite losing her Oyster card.

Speaking to Tell MAMA, the Muslim woman, who agreed to remain anonymous, described her anger, and challenged the driver, accusing her of being a ‘racist’, adding that she can indeed speak English. When she asked the driver to repeat her discriminatory statement, but she refused.

She recalled how the driver had attempted to shut the doors of the bus on her, and then refused to provide her with any details.

The woman, however, was able to note down the vehicle registration and time of the incident.

The bus driver, described as being in her 40s, spoke with a European accent.

Tell MAMA will be writing to Transport for London (TfL) on her behalf.

Reports of discrimination to Tell MAMA has risen by 111.76% in just two years, with 34 verified reports of discrimination in 2015, compared to 72 reports in 2017. In the interim reporting period of 2018, Tell MAMA verified 40 reports of discrimination.

Tell MAMA has continued to document the abuse, discrimination, and attacks Muslim women, who wear the niqab experience.

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