Migrants rescued off Libyan coast

Migrant Rescue


Dozens of migrants bound for Italy are rescued off the Libyan coast by a Spanish volunteer rescue ship, including one boat that is in the middle of sinking.

A dramatic rescue at sea.

Migrants bound for Italy plucked out of the sea after their dingy sank off the Libyan coast.

Later they sit safely aboard the Astral, the Spanish humanitarian vessel that rescued them… still in shock from their ordeal.

But these are some of the lucky ones.

The Italian coast guard later found the bodies of five migrants who drowned.

The volunteers on the Astral rescued 81 migrants, mainly from Syria and Bangladesh, after Libyan Fisherman spotted several migrant boats.

The Italian coast guard rescued over 500 more the same day.

This year alone nearly 3,000 migrants and refugees have died in the Mediterranean Sea trying to make it to Europe.

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