‘Meet the Real Housewives of ISIS’ Splits Opinions


The BBC aired a trailer for the comedy ‘Real Housewives of ISIS‘ which featured women in hijabs apparently within the Islamic State and curtailed of their rights. Sketches involved Muslim women wearing suicide vests and one lamenting on how her husband liked 40 virgins and why he did not like her alone.

Other scenes highlighted a Muslim woman getting a chain from her husband, for the camera only to pan out and to find that she was chained to the kitchen sink and unable to be mobile. Other elements involved online grooming and a fusion of social media with Jihadi conversations about death and destruction.

The trailer was part of ‘Revolting’, a new comedy show from a BAFTA winning satire team that was behind ‘The Revolution will be televised.’

The trailer spread across social media and split opinions with some in the United States suggesting that the BBC had “turned a corner” from being “politically correct”. Others suggested that the “Brits alone could produce something like this.”

Whatever people’s points of views, the material is definitely edgy and fuses with it a sense of modernity and technology and a sense of hopelessness within the women which is turned into a powerful statement. However, the type of material means that discussions will continue on within social media.

Comments from individuals who shared the clip on-line were split:


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