Man filmed shouting “Islamic f****** scumbags” at a Muslim man in Rossendale

A viral video of a man shouting “Islamic f****** scumbags” at a Muslim man happened in Rossendale in Lancashire yesterday evening (October 11), Tell MAMA can confirm.

Our service was contacted this morning by a member of the public who provided us with the location and additional details.

The individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, did believe a hate crime report to Lancashire Police did happen, but Tell MAMA will be following up regardless.

The viral clip shows a white male in a red vehicle driving along Deardengate in Haslingden and begins with a reference to Israel as he then aggressively shouts “Wouldn’t f****** trust you” and “Islamic f****** scumbags” towards a male Muslim driver.

Yesterday, we wrote about the dumping of a pig’s head at a proposed mosque in Barnoldswick on Sunday afternoon.

On October 9, we posted on Twitter/X, “We are already seeing an increase in anti-Muslim hate and antisemitism here in the UK following the appalling events in Israel-Palestine. This is **not** acceptable. Report in anti-Muslim hatred or Islamophobia to us & we can assist. Report in antisemitism to @CST_UK.”

As with both cases, we endeavour to provide updates on both matters where possible.

If you have any information about the man in the video, please contact Lancashire Police on 101, or let Tell MAMA know, and we can contact the police on your behalf or anonymously. 

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