London Bridge – Our Time to Reflect & Redouble Our Efforts

Manchester, Westminster and now London Bridge. Many lives, families and communities deeply affected by the actions of Islamist terrorists who have tried to attack the peace of our country. The list sadly continues on as 6 are reported to have been murdered last night by what looks like another Islamist terrorist attack.

It is clear that Islamic State has influenced some of the actions of terrorists through calls to disrupt and harm people and communities by the use of vehicles and knives. This fits into the modus operandi of the terrorists that attacked London yesterday.

At this time, we ask that people reflect and think about those who have died and who have been injured. There will be lost of commentary in the coming days about extremism and terrorism, though at this time, we need to remember the many who have been murdered on our streets because of such attacks.

London will remain strong and resilient. This does not mean that we are weak or complacent as a City. What it means is that it redoubles our joint efforts to tackle the extremist rhetoric that fuels terrorism, as well as working closely with law enforcement agencies.

People leave the area with their hands up after an incident near London Bridge in London, Britain June 4, 2017.


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