Historian Tomasz Panfil Breaks With Far Right Group – Ogniwo

A few days ago we highlighted the background to the Ogniwo group which has been active in the United Kingdom. The actions of some members of the group have been chilling and the far right symbolism so on show demonstrated how the group simply flouted their views quite openly.

It now seems that Tomasz Panfil, the historian at the Lublin Institute of National Remembrance has broken any ties and links with Ogniwo. ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, the largest and longest-running Polish newspaper, (with its roots in the ‘Solidarity’ movement), printed the following.

Panfil’s break-up is a result as such individuals are usually used to legitimise such groups in the eyes of the public.

Faith Matters will continue to report on groups like Ogniwo in the future. The values that we hold so dear in our country, of being able to be who you want to be without fear or favour, are values that need to be defended against groups like Ogniwo.


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