Charleston church gunman tells jury he is not mentally ill


Dylann Roof addressing the jury at the sentencing phase of his trial Wednesday… saying, “there’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.”

Roof is facing possible execution for the 2015 massacre of nine African-American congregants of a Charleston, South Carolina church.

In his opening statement, the white supremacist explaining he’s representing himself so lawyers don’t present evidence of mental illness, saying, “It isn’t because I have a mental illness that I don’t want you to know about. I’m not trying to keep a secret.”

And telling the jury, “My lawyers forced me to go through two competency hearings” – the transcripts of which he says will be made public at a later time.

Roof also harkened back to the guilt phase of his trial, saying, “If you happen to remember anything that my lawyer said, I ask that you forget it.”

His strategy for the sentencing phase in unclear – with Roof calling no witnesses and offering no evidence – just an opening statement, in which he added, perhaps prophetically, “My self-representation accomplishes nothing.”

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