Attacks & Threats Against Labour Female Candidates Are Deeply Worrying

We have just heard about the attack against the office of Stella Creasy MP today and the harassment and intimidation of female candidates, who are pre-dominantly from the Labour Party.

We cannot, nor rightly should we be political, but we are extremely concerned about the targeting of female candidates who are suffering intimidation, harassment and attacks against their properties or offices.

We understand fully that many Muslims are deeply concerned about what is happening in Gaza and the longer that the conflict and violence continues against Gazan civilians, the greater the depth of feeling in Muslim communities.

However, intimidation, violent or harassing female candidates in this election, or any candidate in this election, is simply not on. Such actions do nothing for the cause of Palestine, nor do they help in trying to keep levels of fear within communities down.

We will be reaching out to female candidates who may need security advice and support in this election, or who may need the opportunity to be heard or just offload any feelings that they are having,

These elections are particularly tense, and we must all try and reduce tensions where we come across them.

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