Pork Put Through Letterbox of Muslim Family

A family who just moved into their new home in London had pork put through the letterbox. The family reported in the abuse and which Tell MAMA actioned.

The pork was put through the letterbox on the first day of Ramadan, a month where Muslims fast and pray. It was therefore meant to be a further insult to the religious identity of the family who moved into the area.

Whilst some suggest that such actions are ‘childish pranks’ and should be ‘disregarded’, individuals who are targeted by such actions have explained to Tell MAMA that being targeted like this makes them feel unwelcome and unwanted. Some have also suggested that it has increased their fear levels and they have always had to remain vigilant when going out, something that has been emotionally and mentally taxing over a period of time.

If you are targeted in this manner, please do get in touch with us and our work and engagement with police forces across England and Wales can be a source of support for people and families who feel vulnerable at such times.

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