Liberty GB and Timothy Martin Burton – Now in Jail

Today, after nearly 4 years of harassment from Liberty GB activist Timothy Martin Burton from the West Midlands, I have got justice. It has not been easy and our courts let this man off in 2014, suggesting that his actions were protected as free speech. The courts and the prosecution failed to highlight the extensive network of far right activists who were associated with Timothy Martin Burton at that time in 2014. This despite the fact that I provided all of the details, including online maps of links to far right extremists linked to Burton.

Timothy Martin Burton used a number of aliases online to hide and evade identification. Neither the Metropolitan Police Service or the West Midlands Police Service could find him. I did and it took time, effort and investigation networks to locate, identify and map this man’s online connections. This whole process meant that I had to find, locate, explain and provide all of the information to law enforcement.

Timothy Martin Burton, a bankruptee and anti-Muslim hater who tried to make something of his life by targeting me is now finally in jail. His actions were so well organised and so determined, that it took all of my ability, co-ordination skills and knowledge to bring this sad man to justice. I was not going to let him get away with maligning my identity as a Muslim and for making my life hell with his circle of anti-Muslim haters.

The Judge today made clear the following to Timothy Martin Burton:

“Your extreme antipathy towards Muslims is what led you to harass Mr Mughal.

“You are seemingly incapable of distinguishing between Muslims and violent Islamists. Your offending behaviour was obviously motivated by a religious hostility and aggravated the harassment.

“You were at the time, [though you have] apparently now resigned, a member of a group Liberty GB which promotes antipathy based on religious adherence.

“It was pre-meditated, it was determined, it was deeply unpleasant, and it was part of a campaign by you and your associates to tar all Muslims as Islamists.”

The Judge’s remarks are also a damning indictment of the anti-Muslim and far right group Liberty GB.

Finally, I would like to praise the work of the Crown Prosecution Service and the meticulous and robust manner in which they dealt with the case. CPS staff were professional, driven to get a prosecution based on the evidence and able to identify evidence that showed the systematic manner in which Timothy Martin Burton targeted me. I would also like to thank Metropolitan Police officers who acted with dignity, professionalism and care. If I have one thing else to say it is this. I urge anyone targeted because of hatred, intolerance and prejudice to report it to the police or to third party hate crime agencies like Tell MAMA or the Community Security Trust.

We cannot allow the haters to divide us in our country.

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