You Simply Cannot Tackle Anti-Muslim Hatred Whilst Being Homophobic



“Islamophobia is awful and you know my sister was abused at a street corner.”

“I saw a young sister have something thrown at her from a passing car.”

“I was spat at on the tram and no-one helped me.”

These are actual comments from victims of anti-Muslim hate who have been targeted because of their faith and the abhorrent actions of the perpetrators should be wholly condemned by right thinking people in our country. Time and time again, we have come across such cases that have been reported into us and where we have assisted victims and ensured that evidence has been collected and passed onto law enforcement. Longer term casework support has also been provided to victims.

Sadly, we have also come across statements that have promoted homophobia and take this statement.

“I have been attacked so many times for being Muslim, but for gays and those who are against Islam, they (the Government), will do anything for these people who are against God.”

“These ‘homos’ are the ones that are trying to break Islam and bring their evil into our communities. When we get attacked, they are behind it in Government and they want to change us. We will not change because of their evil.”

Or take the fact that we have collected further evidence of harassing and intimidating texts being sent to colleagues and staff members, harassing them with homophobic comments. These are people who readily (and rightly), talk about how anti-Muslim hate needs to be tackled, whilst targeting people with homophobic statements and comments. It is truly bizarre and sad that they cannot see how twisted their logic is.

We have collected these statements and texts and where we come across them, we will publish who is behind them and any campaigns that are run against people because they are gay or perceived to be from LGBT communities. Such homophobia needs to be stamped out and we will give it no quarter. That also goes for anti-Muslim prejudice, which must be tackled with vigour, focus and determinism. There is no moral relativism in our work. If we tackle hatred, it is working to challenge all forms of hatred.


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