Anti-Muslim Hatred Should Not Be Used to Divide Communities

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Organisations and agencies working on tackling hatred and prejudice have a duty to highlight the reality of such issues, whilst carefully balancing the community impacts of the information that is disseminated.

In undertaking this work, whilst anti-Muslim hatred may be an issue that is sadly growing, it should not be the over-riding issue through which communities view each other and neither should it be become the all-encompassing issue through which Muslims see non-Muslims. This is neither healthy nor realistic since so many people who work and engage with us are people who are not Muslims and who care that such hatred should not take root in our country.

Yet, there are groups who work on countering anti-Muslim prejudice or Islamophobia who constantly promote the view of ‘them and us‘. This is not only inaccurate, it is dangerous and does not highlight the large number of people in our country who actively tackle such hatred and who stand up against anti-Muslim prejudice. Such organisations add fuel to those extremist groups who believe that Muslims and non-Muslims cannot live together. This is far from responsible and puts us all at risk.

Lastly, anti-Muslim hatred is an issue that is being tackled. It will continue to be and we will do so with vigour and with drive and determination. Yet, we do this with many who are of no faith and who are not Muslim. That is the strength of our country – that at points when we need to stand together, we do. That is the unique nature of the set of values that we must all hang onto.


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