Attacks & Threats Against Labour Female Candidates Are Deeply Worrying

We have just heard about the attack against the office of Stella Creasy MP today and the harassment and intimidation of female candidates, who are pre-dominantly from the Labour Party.

We cannot, nor rightly should we be political, but we are extremely concerned about the targeting of female candidates who are suffering intimidation, harassment and attacks against their properties or offices.

We understand fully that many Muslims are deeply concerned about what is happening in Gaza and the longer that the conflict and violence continues against Gazan civilians, the greater the depth of feeling in Muslim communities.

However, intimidation, violent or harassing female candidates in this election, or any candidate in this election, is simply not on. Such actions do nothing for the cause of Palestine, nor do they help in trying to keep levels of fear within communities down.

We will be reaching out to female candidates who may need security advice and support in this election, or who may need the opportunity to be heard or just offload any feelings that they are having,

These elections are particularly tense, and we must all try and reduce tensions where we come across them.

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Police investigating social media comment to Luton Central Mosque

Bedfordshire Police is treating a social media comment made towards Luton Central Mosque as a hate crime, as officers carried out reassurance patrols this week.

Writing on Facebook, the community policing team for Luton confirmed that the comment occurred on Wednesday (19 June), adding that “Officers have attended the Mosque and engaged with representatives to offer assurances that the matter will be investigated thoroughly.”

Local community officers provided high-visibility patrols locally.

Luton Town Council stated their strong condemnation online, posting on Facebook: “Luton is no place for hate.  We strongly condemn any form of hate crime in our town and stand united with all our communities to combat and stamp out prejudice and hatred.”

Tell MAMA will liaise with the police further and aims to provide further updates where possible.

The force concluded their statement by making clear that: “There is no place for hate or discrimination of any kind in our county. We would always encourage people to report instances of hate crime or speech and want to assure our communities that reports of this nature are taken seriously.”

Anyone with information can speak to the police via 101 or online, quoting the reference 40/33695/24. Tell MAMA can forward information anonymously or on your behalf if requested.

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‘Manifesto Against Hate’ 2024 – Tell MAMA


Tell MAMA Launches Manifesto for New Government to Tackle Hate Crime

[London, UK, Wednesday 19 June 2024]

Tell MAMA (“Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks”) has launched its Manifesto Against Hate ahead of the upcoming General Elections on July 4, urging political candidates to address the significant increase in hate crimes across the country and promote social cohesion through several clear-eyed initiatives.

Founded in 2012 with government support, Tell MAMA has been instrumental in documenting and supporting over 28,000 victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes. These past few months have seen an alarming rise in such incidents. Since last year’s October 7 Hamas attacks into Southern Israel and the ongoing Israel-Gaza War, there has been a sharp increase in such anti-Muslim hate crime and a significant break-down in Jewish-Muslim community relations. Between October 7  and February 7 alone, Tell MAMA recorded 2,010 Islamophobic incidents, predominantly targeting Muslim women and on social media platforms, a stark increase from 600 incidents during the same period the previous year. This surge demands better measures to combat hate speech and physical attacks. Tell MAMA believes that with the measures of its Manifesto, it can tackle hate crime and increase social cohesion across the UK.

Tell MAMA’s Manifesto Against Hate 2024 key proposals include:

  • The appointment of a Government “Hate Crime” Tsar to prioritise and oversee hate crime initiatives.
  • Increase ministerial engagement with local communities to foster inclusivity and reduce social divisions, under the remit of the DLUHC (Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities) and the Home Office.
  • The establishment of Boards at local, regional, and national levels to promote dialogue and collaboration between Muslim and Jewish communities.
  • Urge the Government to create a fund sponsored by Social Media companies, aided by legislative measures for compliance, to support organisations combatting online hate.
  • For the administration of the ‘Protecting Places of Worship’ Security Fund to be outsourced to a legal entity that is a consortium made up of hate crime reporting agencies, to enhance accessibility and trust.

Regarding Tell MAMA’s Manifesto Against Hate 2024 launch, Iman Atta OBE, Director of Tell MAMA, stated:

“The sharp rise in hate crimes in the UK, both online and on our streets, is deeply alarming. It is no secret that Muslim and Jewish communities are more distanced and fractured from each other than ever before. Our Manifesto for the next Government is crucial. It is a blueprint for security and social cohesion, urging political parties to create a future free from hate and division, a UK in which all its citizens are safe.”

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Extremist who praised Christchurch terrorist jailed for over four years

A far-right extremist who glorified the Christchurch terrorist received a four-and-a-half-year prison sentence for terrorism offences at Birmingham Crown Court.

44-year-old Edward Griffiths sent copies of the terror attacks in New Zealand that resulted in the murder of 51 Muslims to two individuals, declaring his desire to replicate it and go on a killing spree.

On social media, Griffiths called the Christchurch terrorist a “hero”.

Neither the prosecution nor police allege that he plotted any attack, but how his actions might encourage acts of terrorism – convicting him instead on one count of the encouragement of terrorism and two counts of disseminating a terrorist publication.

Griffiths committed the offences between November 2021 and the following summer, as officers from Counter Terrorism Policing East Midlands arrested him at his home in Whitwick, Coalville in June 2022.

Charges followed in May 2023, and a guilty verdict followed last month at Birmingham Crown Court.

Detective Inspector Glynn Jehu, from Counter Terrorism Policing – East Midlands, said in a statement: “Fifty one people lost their lives in the Christchurch attacks. Spreading messages of extreme hate and violence in the way that Griffiths did is dangerous, reckless and could easily have encouraged others to commit an act of terrorism.

“It was therefore important that we stopped this by acting on information received, investigating the communications fully and bringing Griffiths before the courts.”

Tell MAMA continues to extensively cover far-right convictions that took inspiration from or praised the Christchurch terrorist.

Edward Griffiths joins a list of over twenty individuals.


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