Bringing You to the Party

Last week, I had the pleasure of bringing new members to the Liberal Democrats, all three of whom who would add value to their local Liberal Democrat associations and to the Party as a whole. Mike Penrose (an international development consultant), Rabbi Deborah Kahn Harris and Dilek Aygun (a Haringey Turkish community activist – pictured), were headhunted by me with a view to ensure that high value members and potential candidates like these three, found a home in the Liberal Democrats. This was also allied to the fact that all three of them exuded liberal values and two of whom were fed up with the two other political parties and who were looking for a Party to ‘speak for them.’

It is essential that we headhunt and bring activists and campaigners to the Liberal Democrats, many of whom are looking for an alternative to the Punch and Judy show of the two other political parties. More than ever, our ideas, our vision and our values as Liberal Democrats are needed within a fast changing world and where the politics of rationality, common sense and inclusion can and will make a difference.

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