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Fiyaz Mughal OBE, Director of Faith Matters and Founder of Tell MAMA, speaks about how far right extremist speakers from Poland are trying to promote radicalisation here in the UK.
















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Muslim man ‘forced off the Tube for suspiciously using his iPad’



Why don't we care about anti-Muslim abuse?



Brainwashed British kids aged just EIGHT are being recruited by ISIS extremists for their 'cyber-jihad'



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25 times people used Brexit to attack Muslims since the EU referendum



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Muslims join today’s Eucharist at Bethnal Green to mark French priest’s murder by Islamists




French official threatens to sue social media users who share burkini ban photos


Scotland Just Approved the Hijab as an Option for Police Uniforms



Fury as hate preacher linked to murder of Glasgow shopkeeper cleared to speak in Scotland



The Duchess of Kent to visit JW3 this weekend



Suspect in Finsbury Park mosque attack named as 47-year-old Cardiff man



Trump offers assistance to United Kingdom after London Finsbury Park terror attack



London mosque attack suspect named, according to media outlets



As Islamophobia rises, UK Muslims face ‘extremist threat from the right’



British Government Accused of Failing to Tackle Extreme Right Terror Threat



A UK mosque is targeted once a week – we need to deal with anti-Muslim hatred



Extremists change narrative to attract vulnerable youths to cause



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Muslim leaders in Leicester on alert after threatening letters sent to mosques



Hate crime on rise after Boris Johnson row



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The Tory Party Has Suspended 14 Members Over A Series Of Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts



Rotherham's 'uneasy equilibrium' five years on from the publication of the Jay report



This is the horrific, traumatising reality of Muslim conversion therapy and why it needs to be banned immediately