This is my blog page that looks at a number of contemporary issues which are related to communities in the United Kingdom. Over the last 20 years, I have worked with a range of faith communities and have led on numerous social projects at a local, national and international level. This has provided me with an interest and insight into communities and how they interact within and beyond themselves. My experiences have also provided me with the highs and lows of life and have led me to a place where I accept people not because they come from a certain community, but how they treat me. In other words, I should not be visualised through the prism of my identities but through the openess of my soul and mindset to others.

Also, having been an elected councillor for 6 years in Oxford and Haringey, my interests include politics, reaching out to communities using new technologies and working through issues of conflict, though there are times when there is no solution to Far Right groups, for example, apart from pushing back their extremist and corrosive narratives. Saying that, thankfully, they are in the tiny minority, yet they are constantly looking to pick on issues that they believe will have mass appeal.

Throughout my life’s journey I have found that what draws me and gives me comfort is that there is no singular community in which I ‘fit’ myself though I feel strongly with those who believe that others should have the same chances as them, be able to love their lives free from fear and believe that there is no singular path to righteousness. There are many paths and in the process, there are many people from various backgrounds that enrich life. They provide life with meaning and they also provide comfort and strength by their belief in human nature and in the beauty of others. It is to them that I send my thanks and they have enriched my life.